Credit Score Advice

Is Credit Monitoring Worth It?

Credit monitoring fees can add up. They range between $15 and $20 per month, coming to about $200 per year. So is credit monitoring a smart investment for it? See the pros and cons here.

The Minimum Credit Score to Qualify for a Home Loan

Lenders use a variety of factors to determine if a person qualifies for a loan. Understanding these factors will allow to understand if you are getting a good rate.

Does a Student Loan Hurt Your Credit Score?

Taking out a student loan is a big decision. It may be the first big debt that you’re taking on. While it is crucial for you to understand how much you will pay each month and over the life of your loan, there are other things you need to consider, too. Pay attention to how your student loan affects your credit score, credit history, debt-to-income ratio, and your ability to get a loan down the line.